Live chat!

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Thanks to Meebo and the team over at Wolfire
I was able to put in Live chat! So now when I’m online you can talk to me! To be able to use this you must have Flashplayer.


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This is the first game that I made, it has 2 or 3 bugs. Feel free to post comments on it but keep in mind I’m not updating it or fixing any of the bugs in it as I have moved on to other projects.

Download it here

– Jared

Pics from Zombie Wars

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Development in Zombie Wars!

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I got a very basic menu working with some awesome zombie pictures on it. Its also got some freaky music .

George and Caleb are working on some graphics. George is making some sprites and general graphics updates while Caleb is making some blood. Of course the blood will not be put into the game. I’ll just stick it onto the grass or sprites to see how it looks. Right now I am trying to get the main character to rotate in real-time.  I’ve also got the AI to move around! It is very basic but I will now try to put in weapons…(fingers crossed). Once the weapons are in I will advance the AI further and then put in some cool stuff like blood and levels. I’ll upload some screenies as soon as new graphics have been made.


The Zombeez Team

Zombie game ideas!!!

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Give us any new ideas we should have in our game. We will be considerate and look at and test out your ideas.hero1

New downloads

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We have posted new downloads on the downloads page! They are all only in beta and are pretty crummy but we will show you what we have done so far.


The Zombeez Team


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I forgot to tell you me and my friends name. My name is George, I made this website and Im lead in artist design. My friend Jared focuses on programming. We both program in Blitz Basic and Blitz 3D. We are both self tought and know the basics of this language. Most of the games we have made are in beta stage or release 1.0 and therefore will be filled with glitches and will be less refined than are later games. If you play a game with any sort of problem feel free to consult us on our forums or even if you have a tip, advice or a suggestion.


The Zombeez Team

Forums enabled!

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Hey everyone, our forums are up and running so get invloved. More stuff will be added and these forums are flash enabled so we can post up games to play!

See you there!

To visit our forums click here


The Zombeez Team


•April 12, 2009 • Comments Off on Update

We are working on a few concepts of games and will soon be publishing our completed ones for download on this website. check back to watchout for any updates or new release games!